Oaks is a Must.

This is the post excerpt.

Hi I’m Chelci. Stay at home Mom to Brason and wife to Brian. We are in the process of selling our small little home sitting on 19 acres. We bought the land and fixer upper house before we got married, thought it would be a wonderful idea full of Saturdays working on the land and renovating a 1902 farmhouse… It turns out it was a lot more work than we bargained for. And once our little one arrived we didn’t have time to do anything anymore. It was such a hard decision to sale but for the best interest of our family, we decided to sale. And that is where we are at now. We’re in limbo waiting to close on our current home and purchase the new piece of property that we found.

We had a wish list a mile long on what we wanted for our forever(hopefully) home. The biggest things were:

  • A few acres of flat land no hills and mostly pasture.
  • Enough room to have a few farm animals if we ever decided to get them.
  • Privacy, off the road enough to where people couldn’t see our entire house or see in our windows.
  • Large oak trees, I know its crazy but we are obsessed with them and just had to have them at our new property.
  • In the school district we wanted. Though Brase is only 3 months old that is still VERY important to me.
  • Lastly, that feeling. That feeling of YES! This is it.

We have looked for land for months now and never found anything that caught our eye. Until last week when this little piece of property came on the market. It had just hit the market only a day before. It was in the school district that we wanted and we could see the beautiful oak trees in the pasture. We sent it to our agent and the next morning she and I went to look at it. When I pulled up, I knew, this was IT! I face timed Brian and said you have to come out here this afternoon and look at this, you’re going to fall in love. So low and behold when he stepped on the property he said to me ‘This is it.’ We made an offer and a few days later the seller accepted.

Now, We are about to take on what people say is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Of course we are a little scared but we have a wonderful builder who has already started to walk us through all of the steps. We are down to deciding between the house plans, We have narrowed it down to two plans. A traditional Cape Cod with a mostly open concept. The only reason i am skeptical about this plan is because the outside doesn’t look like the “Farmhouse” I have dreamed of and that the dining room is not open to the living and kitchen. I love that there is a secondary bedroom on the first floor that i can eventually use as an office.

The other house on the exterior is everything that I love about a farmhouse. It has the huge open concept floor plan that is so inviting and wonderful for hosting. But, it doesn’t have that secondary bedroom/office on the main floor. So we are still up in the air on which one we are going with.

We are certain that we want to put the house on a basement to do all of our crafts and projects. Also, to store all of our junk that we need to part with but can’t find it in us to do so. We have always dreamed of a white farmhouse under huge oak trees with a wooden front door and that is what we are hoping to accomplish. I am trying to channel my inner Joanna Gaines when building this house, because lets be real JoJo is my idol! I always say she is my sprit animal because i don’t think i have ever seen something that she has done that i haven’t absolutely fallen in love with. I hope to share our journey of building our home with you and to share our struggles and trials along with the completion of our dream home.

-Chelci V.